The Reality

Arrogance, which is always present within man, casts a shadow over the conscience, beautifies the own defects, looking for justifications to faults and sins. It is not uncommon that, given a fact, clearly bad, pride refuses to accept that that action has been real, and you get to thinking: I can not have done, either it is not bad what I did, or even blame it on others. 2 Accepted. Once has got an own knowledge more or less deep comes the second step of humility: accept reality itself. It is difficult because the pride rebelled when the reality is ugly or defective. OK it is not the same resign themselves. If a defect, error, limitation is accepted with humility, or Sin, know against what fight and victory becomes possible. No longer walking blindly, but it is known to the enemy.

But if reality is not accepted, occurs as in the case of the patient who does not want to recognize his illness: can not be cured. But if you know that there are healing, you can cooperate with doctors to improve. There are defects that we can overcome and natural boundaries which we must learn to accept. Within the habits or customs, the good guys are called virtues forcibly giving good wishes; the bad guys we call them defects, and they bow to evil with more or less strength according to the depth of its roots in human action. It is useful to find the dominant defect in order to avoid the worst inclinations with more efficiency. Also should know the best qualities that you possess, not to bestablish is, but to give thanks to God, be optimistic and develop good trends and virtues… Errors are easier to overcome because they tend to be involuntary. Once discovered becomes the remedy and things return to the bed of the truth.