Tobaccoism: Lung Cancer

The curses of the tobacco are proceeding, to a large extent, of very small enclosed tar particles in it. The cigarette contains substances cancergenas, therefore .causing of cancer. The smoke of the cigarette is composed still of 2% 6% of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that makes it difficult the transport and use of the oxygen. These composites also modify the functioning of microscopical eyelashes of the respiratory system. As these eyelashes have the function to clean the respiratory ways and to exempt the pulmes of particles undesirable, such as chemical bacteria and harmful composites, the smoker also is more inclined to adoecer of respiratory illnesses. Half of the six types of cancer that more kill in Brazil has the cigarette as risk factor. The objective of this work is to acquire knowledge the young that the cigarette is a factor of great risk for the development of cancer in the lung.

To inform that the tobacco kills more people who the AIDS, alcohol, the agreed use of drugs and fires. To evaluate the attributable population risk to the tobacco in these types of cancer. To inform on the symptoms, disgnostic and prevention. The project was developed in the State School Adalberto Valle, situated in the Street Is Benedict s/n Mount of the freedom, Manaus-AM with the groups of 9 year of basic education. WORDS KEYS Cancer – lung – tobaccoism – risk? death. ABSTRACT The harmful effects of tobacco ploughs derived in large part on the tiny particles of to tar contained in it. Cigarettes contain carcinogens, thus causing cancer. Cigarette smoke is also composed of 2% you 6% carbon monoxide, toxic gas that makes it difficult you transport and uses oxygen.