Tour De France – Tofu Instead Of Doping

our de France title favorite Levi Leipheimer swears by vegetarianism Gerlingen–the sign under which held this year’s tour de France could be hardly worse. When the speculation about new doping scandals, some of the title favourites came under suspicion. Only the team leader of the Discovery Channel team Levi Leipheimer was spared from rumours. In an interview with the international animal rights organization PETA cyclist revealed one of the secrets of his success now: every morning, with a vegetarian power breakfast Leipheimer reinforces and rewards itself for especially hard racing with vegetarian pasta. A vegetarian diet provides not only sporting excellence, but is healthy and doping-free. The number of studies that bring the consumption of animal foods with heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases in connection, is no end. “One of the reasons may be that animals regularly doped” be in them routinely even pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics are administered, which then accumulate in their flesh and go over to the meat-eaters.

Levi Liepheimer is not the first world class athletes, has recognized that it delivers maximum power with a vegetarian diet! “says Jobst Eggert by PETA. Also sports stars such as the bodybuilding world champion Alexander Dargatz, the tennis legend Martina Navratilova and the multiple Olympic champion Carl Lewis took it thanks to the vegetarian diet at the top of the world. PETA is the largest animal rights organization with over 1.6 million supporters. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty.