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Exchanging data on the Web allows the sending of electronic messages also telephony, television, radio and online games. The Internet constitutes a versatile addition to the media and the Internet affinity of people grows as well as steadily increasing employment opportunities on the Web. However, modern pastimes like surfing the Internet have a serious disadvantage: workers shift only more rarely to after-work activities outside. The leisure activity takes place, however, at home before the computer. Movement therefore often too short and overweight threatens. The Slimcoach program is tailored to the needs of modern man ideal, because in particular people with a pronounced affinity of the Internet have fun on the 13-week program, which paves the way for their desired character to them. Slimcoach: Innovative weight loss on the Internet using enable dietitians and fitness experts, to take off with the help of the medium Internet.

The weight reduction requires much perseverance and ambition. Try Slimcoach for this reason, Fun into everyday of decreasing to integrate, by using the Internet to Abnehmwillige with information about food, to supply with recipes and fitness plans. In particular, the Forum of the Slimcoach programme is interesting for Internet users, says dietician Sven-David Muller from Berlin. This service enables contact with other members, and is similar to the popular chat rooms on the Internet and the numerous sites for the education and entertainment social networks. Slimcoach supports not only the mere weight reduction. Through the website of the slimming program participants benefit from latest technology: you remain anonymous and can discuss during the Slimcoach program despite their weight loss goals and thoughts: this not only has the advantage, that members bring the slimming process with a familiar and pleasant activities in context. Through the networking of participants also the possibility to resolve emerging issues among themselves and each other motivation to donate.

Online users appreciate but also the savings in time and cost, granted them the Internet, because fitness exercises, weight loss plans and shopping lists may contact them by E-Mail. A personal visit to an expert is through the exchange of electronic messages on the other hand. A special feature”for technology-enthusiastic users of the Slimcoach weight loss program we have created also by the specialist exercises through videos illustrate, co-developer Hubert Horn highlight. The concept itself explains nutritional expert Sven-David Muller on the Web presence of Slimcoach in the course of a short film sequence and turns this way directly to the innovative people of today. Learn about the innovative SlimCoach under PHP/startvideo.php in five minutes concept. Sign up under main/anmeldung.asp? mid = direct to the non-binding free Slimcoach-test week.