Ulrike Wagner

Logically, then the quality of the recoverability of the ingested food is suffering from. Thus increasingly (sour) waste materials, also called slag is formed. If even the power of the kidney, the main excretory organ for the acids is exceeded, are, due to the now emerging “backlog” excretion requiring substances, the investment-related problems of civilization (-diseases) door open. The initially mentioned symptoms diversity occur in wide variety of expression is now to be understood as a natural regulation effort. That is to say the symptoms are individual (i.e.

corresponding to the investment) self cleaning mechanism, possesses a living organism to reduce the surplus ultimately facilitation sick ballast according to the law for the preservation of life – can. But the existential meaning of a simple, easily-recyclable food increasingly enters oblivion to the detriment of future generations. Also the knowledge of the body’s signals very elementary, but to be performed anyway in the hustle and bustle of everyday life hardly stunted. With the result that today children suffer from really typical wear and tear of age. Our forests and fields, rivers, and seas are affected by excess acid. So why shouldn’t man, cause this ominous development, get it right away with? All who want to be as healthy old do so well, against this increasing demineralisation, originally to relieve their metabolism to our adapted the seasons and traditionally easy to orient recyclable food! And as previously indicated, there is finally also essential to mention that in particular in addition to the today too careless or frequently even unconscious consumption of fruit acids, even the much-vaunted vitamins – as high-grade part acid – always precarious base deficiency (intra -, extra cellular) with contribute, erroneously repeatedly called acidosis, although a true sufferings would never be compatible with the life. Actually this increasing lack of base-forming minerals – the neutralizers of acids – the cause for now due to the excessive demand decreasing the body’s ability – based on demand – excess acid first to “buffers” or “temporarily to store”, to them, the institutions provided for this purpose (finally) be disposed of – rather than about the is more and more often, because always used “Emergency valve” claimed the already mentioned in the form (more chronically running) Civilization discomfort. Complaints, which would be avoidable with the knowledge of the logical relationships of their creation because “Everything great is simple!” (Goethe) Who are now seeking detailed answers and assistance, is under in addition to the sample to the book: “Only sustainable diet is healthy diet” also the introduction and the summary. Ulrike Wagner, Trier (self-affected Psoriatikerin)