Ward Sleep

A new era dawns with viscoelastic foam dog beds. A new era dawns with viscoelastic foam dog beds. The breathable and anti-allergenic material individually adapts itself to the body of the dog, and keeps him during sleep in the anatomically correct shape. The pressure relief leads to a feeling of weightlessness. The consequences: a quiet and restful sleep better relief of the joints, blood circulation, longer periods of deep sleep shortly. Ideal for alleviating joint pain and rheumatism, osteoarthritis prevention or after operations. Nice to be alone enough non-modern dog beds have to do something.

Therefore, not only into an iconic designer cover for turning the dream dog pillow but characterized also by a very healthy, orthopedic filling. Visco foam was originally developed by the U.S. space agency NASA, to compensate for the enormous pressure which weighs heavily on the astronauts during the launch phase. The material is used in human medicine, to patients Bedsores and to avoid back pain. To obtain Elisabeth Wurscher, Ward block dream dog