Water In A Sensible Diet

To drink water is vital for the health and the beauty the water purifies, protects, embellishes, Consumir serves to decontaminate the organism water daily (it is considered of 2 to 3 liters daily) and to take a diet heals and balanced he is something wonderful that you can do by your health. Some of the benefits of the water are: In order To decontaminate the organism: the residues generated during the metabolism of proteins are accumulated in high toxic concentrations the function of the kidneys consists of filtering those residues of the blood and eliminating them: mixed with the water they form the urine. It acts like a solvent: through water, the necessary majority of the nutrients and substances for the good cellular operation are transported, that is to say the water acts like vehicle. It is a lubricant: lubrica the digestive apparatus, and the weaves protected by mucous which avoids the friction among them. It generates satiety: if the person wants to become thin, and is taking a diet to become thin, to drink water generates a satiety sensation, mainly if they are consumed in addition foods with fiber when having that sensation of satiety, the person eats less, and thus it is regulating its weight. It collaborates in the prevention of the constipation, the diverticulosis and the hemorroides.

It acts regulating the corporal temperature, this takes place through the sweat. It is recommended to take water before and after some activity or physical exercise to avoid, for example, the cramps. For that reason it is recommended to drink an equivalent to a water glass every 15 or 20 minutes of long walk The better lubrica water in addition the joints and improves the muscle resistance and ligaments. On the other hand, aid to maintain muscles tonificados and also to avoid the flaccidez of the skin of the person who finishes becoming thin.