Zinc And Prostate Cancer

The trace element plays important role in healthy prostate and cancer of the prostate is the Achilles heel of the man. It is a very sensitive organ that reacts very sensitively to external influences and stimuli. This is also one of the reasons why so many men suffer from a diseased prostate. Looking for specific causes for the disease, so they often found in dietary habits. Intensive research of the last years have shown that prostate cancer is one of the cancers, may be associated with the diet related. The optimal supply of the prostate with micronutrients is a method that is promising to protect the prostate from damage.

The micro-nutrients, the trace element is zinc, one of those that plays a key role for prostate health. Therefore, an integral part of the prostate screening should be also zinc such as z.B.in ProVitum tablets. Much research has been invested in the last few years, to the relationship between the supply of the prostate with trace elements such as zinc and the emergence to clarify of prostate cancer. In the meantime, it is clear that the prostate cancer always by a reduced supply of the prostate with zinc is accompanied. Current research has confirmed this connection again. Thereafter, the supply of zinc in the prostate cancer to 83% is reduced compared to the healthy prostate. This finding is a byproduct of pure or does he cause something to do with the emergence of to do cancer? Anyway, the fact is that administration of zinc in animal models can prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. The data situation is similar in humans. Swedish researchers have shown that a sufficient supply situation with zinc reduces the probability to die of prostate cancer. American researchers shows that the probability of a recurrence of the cancer is lower in good supply situation with zinc.